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  1. Jobs may be ordered by phone, by e-mail or by fax – job shall be considered accepted no sooner but after it is agreed on and confirmed by me – from Monday to Friday, from 9:00 a.m. to 05:00 p.m. PLEASE, CONTACT IN ADVANCE OF YOUR VISIT AT THE FOLLOWING PHONE NO.  602 255 609. After job is finished, it will be waiting for you at my place. After successful co-operation, translation may be e-mailed to you. If a client requests, translation job may be delivered to his/her/its door. Authenticated translation – you will receive it in a written form, if requested, on floppy discs;  non-authenticated translation – printout, floppy discs, e-mailed message

  • standard job (not urgent): up to 8 chargeable pages per day, short documents – usually “within 2 days or the day after”
  • urgent job: from  8 to 15 chargeable pages per day , on the same day or on the following day morning (+100%)
  •  extremely urgent job: from 16 to 30 pages per day (150%)

CAUTION: any job assigned on Friday to be ready on Monday is treated as urgent (+100%)

  1. Extra fee is charged for technical difficulties (NOT MERITORIOUS ) such as handwriting, texts that are hard to read out, small size print , tables, formulas, etc.)

  2. Interpretation services – minimum  4-hour block, any started hour shall be counted as a full hour 

  3. Overtime – 9th , 10th : +50% of regular rate  - 11th and more, all off-work days (public holiday, Saturdays, Sundays), work at night time: +100% of regular rate

  4. Authenticated translation: presentation of originals is the best option, yet if it is not possible, you can scan your document, e-mail it and then, present the originals, when you come to receive translation. You should remember that under any circumstances, a scan must be readable, in true colors, and complete. When any embossed seals or stamps are affixed on a document, you have to write down the content of them in a message (such seals are not visible on scans). Otherwise, translation will be treated as translation of a copy and a relevant endorsement in the text will be made. Chargeable page: 1125 signs, including spaces (WORD), any started page shall be treated as a full page. Since authenticated translation must contain description of all seals, stamps, signatures, endorsements, letterheads,  I always estimate the size and therefore, the value of translation job after I get familiar with a document. In other words, a client is always notified in advance about the amount of money that will be charged. Any extra copies are subjected to extra charge. YOU SHOULD KEEP IN MIND THAT THE NUMBER OF ACTUAL PAGES OF A DOCUMENT DOES NOT HAVE TO CORRESPOND TO THE NUMBER OF PAGES OF TEXT AFTER TRANSLATION.

  5. Non-authenticated translation: they may be e-mailed along with job assignment message. Chargeable page: 1600 signs, including spaces (WORD), a page is counted per actual number of signs (no rounding-up to a full page). I preserve the format of a source text.

  6. Business trip interpretation: a price is fixed per each day of being available/ interpretation. A client shall pay for transportation and accommodation of an interpreter.


    Clearance for both authenticated and non-authenticated is made based on VAT INVOICE (23%):

    authenticated translation – payments shall be made in cash, at a moment of receipt of job performed

    non-authenticated translation – payment in advance


tłumacz języka angielskiego
  • direct contact with a translator/ interpreter
  • multi-year experience
  • confidentiality (no middlemen, office workers or subcontractors are involved)
  • availability
  • timeliness

The Scope of Services:

Authenticated and Non-Authenticated Translation: agreements, contracts, legal deeds, corporate law, notarized deeds, foundation documents, powers of attorney, financial statements, business correspondence, business plans, civil status documents, certificates, military equipment, armaments, IT, etc.

Interpretation Services: presentations, consecutive interpretation, business trips, business meetings and negotiations, etc.


  • law
  • banking
  • finance
  • E.U. documents
  • business economics
  • tender documentation
  • technologies
  • tourism
  • medicine
  • information technologies
  • other


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