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The principles for non-authenticated translation are defined freely and are governed exclusively by the realities of free market. I apply the following principles for non-authenticated translation:   

  1. Unlike in a case of authenticated translation, when I make non-authenticated translation, I always follow the format of a source document. The best solution is to submit a source text in an electronic format. If it is a case, I just “overwrite” target language translation on source text. If, however, there is no electronic format, I have to format a page by myself. If you want any diagrams, photos, drawings, etc. to be scanned and included into the text of translation, such service is subjected to extra charge for scanning and editorial work. If you don’t want to pay extra, drawings, diagrams and pictures can be simply described in target language.

  2. The output page of text translated as non-authenticated translation (the basis for computation of due fee) shall be made of 1600 signs, including spaces (counted by PC editor – WORD), pages are counted in fractions – no rounding up., for example, if the output is 2.34, you pay exactly for 2.34 pages.

  3. I do not charge extra for difficulty in meritorious sense. I believe that difficulty is incorporated into the idea of specialized translation and extra charge for difficult texts deviates from the nature of its definition itself.    

  4. Fee – charged according to the following principles: depending on time – charge for translation at regular pace or charge for urgent translation. It is possible to make translation on one and the same day and to produce it at exact time. I am able to translate up to 30 pages per day (extremely urgent).

  5. If a client wants translation to be made respectively to his/her/its internal terminology, then he/she/it must provide me with glossary along with a job assigned. Otherwise, translation will be made based on generally accepted terminology.

Sworn Translator of English Language
  • direct contact with a translator/ interpreter
  • multi-year experience
  • confidentiality (no middlemen, office workers or subcontractors are involved)
  • availability
  • timeliness

The Scope of Services:

Authenticated and Non-Authenticated Translation: agreements, contracts, legal deeds, corporate law, notarized deeds, foundation documents, powers of attorney, financial statements, business correspondence, business plans, civil status documents, certificates, military equipment, armaments, IT, etc.

Interpretation Services: presentations, consecutive interpretation, business trips, business meetings and negotiations, etc.


  • law
  • banking
  • finance
  • E.U. documents
  • business economics
  • tender documentation
  • technologies
  • tourism
  • medicine
  • information technologies
  • other


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