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Interpretation services shall be divided into the following categories:

Authenticated Interpretation Services: services of that type are required, when you have to handle formalities at offices or at other public institutions – documents executed at Public Notary’s office in the form of a notarized deed, when a person, who is not Polish speaker, participates in a given deed (agreements, contracts, last will, signature authentication, affidavit, statements, etc.). An interpreter is obliged to present his/her certificate of entry into the List of Sworn Translators and Interpreters kept by the Minister of Justice. License number and personal data of a sworn interpreter shall be incorporated into a deed by Notary Public. A sworn interpreter shall sign a relevant document next to the signature of a person for whom interpretation services were rendered. Presence of a sworn interpreter is also required during legal proceedings, mediation proceedings, when official formalities are to be handled, etc.  

Non-Authenticated interpretation services (consecutive, simultaneous, „soft voice simultaneous interpretation”): usually business talks, on-sight visits, presentations. Consecutive interpretation consists in articulation of contents in source language in time intervals, so an interpreter would be able to interpret a given part the text. Simultaneous interpretation is a cabin interpretation. “Soft voice” interpretation is the most popular, as this form lets save time – it consists in simultaneous interpreting the texts for a message recipient, yet “at soft” voice which prevents interruption of talk. Usually, each of the parties is assisted by its own interpreter.  

Business trip interpretation: price is fixed per each day of being available / interpretation services. Client shall cover the cost of transportation and accommodation of a translator/ interpreter.

Fee for interpretation services shall be charged per “block” – it is a minimum number of interpretation service/ availability hours (it is required due to the fact that an interpreter must spend time on transportation, waiting, etc.). If service continues, every single started hour is subjected to a charge per 1 hour. In my particular case, 1 block means 4 hours. You shall remember that every single started hour shall be counted as 1 full hour. If a client cancels a given assignment at least 3 days in advance, no fee will be charged. If a client fails to cancel the assignment, he/she/it shall pay 50% of the fee per one block.   
Sworn Translator of English Language
  • direct contact with a translator/ interpreter
  • multi-year experience
  • confidentiality (no middlemen, office workers or subcontractors are involved)
  • availability
  • timeliness

The Scope of Services:

Authenticated and Non-Authenticated Translation: agreements, contracts, legal deeds, corporate law, notarized deeds, foundation documents, powers of attorney, financial statements, business correspondence, business plans, civil status documents, certificates, military equipment, armaments, IT, etc.

Interpretation Services: presentations, consecutive interpretation, business trips, business meetings and negotiations, etc.


  • law
  • banking
  • finance
  • E.U. documents
  • business economics
  • tender documentation
  • technologies
  • tourism
  • medicine
  • information technologies
  • other


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