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Sworn Translator of English Language

I am a sworn and specialized translator/ interpreter of English language. I have been practicing that profession continuously since the date of graduation from the University of Warsaw in 1996. As a matter of fact, I am a holder of 2 M.A. Diplomas issued by the University of Warsaw, namely: 1. THE INSTITUTE OF ENGLISH STUDIES (Master of English Philology), 2. AMERICAN STUDIES CENTER (Master of American Business Culture) – both lectured in English language.

Translation Output:

  • authenticated translation – over 362 000 pages
  • non-authenticated translation – over 96 000 pages
  • interpretation: 11 600 hours

At a very beginning, after graduation from High School in Poland, I was admitted to Concordia University in Montreal, Faculty of English, where I was studying for 2 years. Then, I left Canada and continued my studies in Poland, at the University of Warsaw.  Moreover, after completion of prescribed syllabus, Certificate of Proficiency in English was solemnly conferred to me by McGill University in Montreal.

Sworn Translator of English LanguageSpecialization:

        • law
        • banking
        • finance
        • E.U. documents
        • business economics
        • tender documentation
        • technologies
        • tourism
        • medicine
        • information technologies
        • other

translation services for lawyers (attorneys-at-law, legal counsels, notaries public)

Sworn Translator of English Language
  • direct contact with a translator/ interpreter
  • multi-year experience
  • confidentiality (no middlemen, office workers or subcontractors are involved)
  • availability
  • timeliness
  • I’m not VAT taxpayer !

The Scope of Services:

Authenticated and Non-Authenticated Translation: agreements, contracts, legal deeds, corporate law, notarized deeds, foundation documents, powers of attorney, financial statements, business correspondence, business plans, birth certificates, marriage certificates, death certificates, last will and testaments, certificates, military equipment, armaments, IT, documents required to register vehicles in Poland, school reports and diplomas, transcripts of grades.

Interpretation Services: presentations, consecutive interpretation, business trips, business meetings and negotiations, etc.


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